About Glenio

Adventurer, Photographer, & Professional Pirate
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Taking on the World, One City at a Time

Hi there, I am Captain Glen Yo the Goonie, and I am a Professional Pirate, as well some of my friends. I am on a mission to discover the world, sail away and travel far looking for treasures and adventure. On rough weathers, I stop at the pub, the safest place when you can’t be at sea and you don’t want to try that, right? Usually the treasure tales start to happen right over there, meeting new people, trying the local food and living amazing experiences that will tell funky stories later, these are the real valuable jewels that a real pirate can have; family, friends, different cultures, nature and lots of sea life.

Dropping The Anchor!

I am a world citizen; I am from where I drop my anchor, that’s my home, where I am now. Ok, jokes a part, I was born in the beautiful Brazilian Northeast Coast. I grew up playing from my granny’s farm fields in the countryside to my hometown on the coast, Fortaleza. Surfing was always part of my childhood memories, and I think that is how my passion for the sea was born.

I dreamed with travelling from a very young age, I think since I understand myself as a person. From the pictures on wildlife encyclopaedias, magazines, documentaries and all the kind of images that could make me dream to see the world out there. I used to follow my mom’s heart every time she went on a business trip without taking me with her lol, maybe thats another reason that I wanted to see more of the world. But the real travels started to happen on the constant back to back from the coast to the country side. When I was a teen, I use to travel more on holidays, weekend short trips with my friends and some times running away from school to any kind of natural place.

I have been full time and working at sea for the past thirteen years now. I started this life style working on Luxury Cruise Ships, and living totally nomadically for eight years now as a freelance super yacht Chef, that helped me to stay on the move going to the most amazing places around the globe. Between a job and another, I was travelling again, to see my friends and make new ones, to learn a bit about local cultures, language and study worldwide cuisine, some other of my treasures.

After many years…

finding excuses to share my stories, I decided to take a work break, move to Malaysia and learn new skills to be more independent and split my career with my big passion, travelling.

I am so excited to share all these funny stories and I hope to inspire you all to leave the bloody damn boring comfort zone and go out to look for your dreams.

Stay with me buccaneers, the sea is calling us!!!

Step on board and enjoy the craziest adventures overseas.

Lots of love,

The Professional Pirate