Light Packing – Level I

I confess that I always thought that this subject is not big deal and there is no secret on how to prepare your luggage when travelling, but after all these years on the road, I realised that YES, preparing you backpack is a very important skill! I tell you that because being a full time traveller for over 10 years now, I learnt on the hard way how to pack. I travel with all my knives and my long board, so I know what I am talking about 😉 but this is a topic for our light packing level II …

So the first step is having a good gear and a smart case/backpacks with you.

Choose wisely your hand suitcase; forget about those fancy and beautiful suitcases with wheels, they are heavy and will devour all your weight allowance on the most strict air companies. A back pack that fits them is the best choice, some of these companies allow you to have only 8kg, and you will have to carry all your most important belongs, there is always a way to trick the companies if you pretend that you luggage is not that heavy 😉

I have seen that most of the experienced travellers have all their electronics; laptops, cameras, hard drives, load of cables, and of course your documents. Everything has to be safe from scammers and pickpockets and at the same time, be handy and easy to reach if you have short time to “pop up” your office at airports or hotels and hostels.

Step two: We have to think on being environmentally friendly, and leave only footprints along the beautiful places that we visit, please get rid of the horrible habit of using the stupid disposal plastic cutleries offered on greedy food establishments and especially plastic water bottles. So guys, its time to take with your water tumbler and a set of camping cutlery, with one or two small tubs when you can fit little snack not only for emergencies but to run away of the expensive prices charged around airpots area. I have also my travel Coffee French Press/Caffetierre for my own freshly brewed coffee or tea).

The next step for having a smart hand luggage is: have with you a travel toiletry kit! You don’t need to spend money with this on pharmacies, you can find small bottles everyone, just build your own set; 100ml is the permitted on your handbag, I picked my “Bvlgari” yes I know, they are not the best cosmetics, not environmentally friends, and full of chemicals that you want to keep away of your body 😉 but they were for free on a hotel and I end up saving some plastic that would be thrown away after two or three showers. I have a whole full set that fits all my needs, shampoo, conditioner, and shower soap, toothbrush and tooth cream. If you want to be even smarter, take two extra for laundry soup and dish detergent, you don’t want to be caught in weird places were you cant wash your cutlery and your clothes for the lack of detergent.

Now that you got all your basic necessities together, you can choose your clothes, and yes, just the basics again, there is not enough space available after all the previous items, when you are traveling you end up not using half your favorite pieces of vestment. You want to be smart and comfortable, but at the same time you need at least one more formal shirt and a pair of pants just in case you have a business meeting along the trip, and a warm garment for cold nights on the road and to be safe on cold flights too.

Ohhh, almost forgot about my most valuable treasure, a travel scale, and pouches, you will always find a utility for them.